The Idle Incremental MMORPG - Guilds of Gods

Guilds of Gods is a party-based mmorpg idle sandbox adventure playable in-browser!

  • Inspired by the classics, Guilds of Gods immerses you in a new fantasy world. Buddy up with your friends and take them on a journey through the lands and dungeons of Eloria.
  • Play as a party of up to 5 adventurers simultaneously with incremental and idle mechanics making training a breeze. Each adventurer is a completely unique character; make swords in Bodiam while incinerating your extra items at the volcano.
  • With over 20 skills to train, including combat skills, cooking, fishing, construction, alchemy, there’s fun activities to do for everyone.
  • Defend and build the Guilds of Eloria as a community to achieve new and exciting content. The battle against the Emperor will not be an easy one!
  • Next Release: Cosmetic shop, a new tutorial and three new quests!

We invite you to play Guilds of Gods right now!

We are still in Alpha, with content always being added. We love player feedback and growing this game together.  Enjoying the game or have a suggestion? Keep in touch by joining our Discord, supporting us on Patreon, or by catching a Twitch Development Stream!

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