Player Owned Market Stalls & Map Update

Player owned market stalls have been released! You may now build market stalls and setup buy and sell offers to trade while you're away. 

Adventurers build market stalls with construction, using 5 logs and 2 metal bars of the same tier. Each tier increase adds an additional trading slot to the market stall. Market stalls may be built in any city, and will stay there until you remove then. Logging out will hide the market stalls, and when you come back, you will need to "Operate" the market to bind it to your adventurer for trade. The items of the market stall offer will come the from the bound adventurer.

There has also been a visual update to the map. With many more layers and proper tile meshing, the map looks far more realistic than before. There is also greater distinction between edges of the map, walls, and floors. Take a look at the login screen of the game to see the new map!

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May 11, 2019

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