Golems, Hairstyles & Bugfixes

There has been a lot of fixes and QOL improvements made lately, so content has been scarce. 

- Hairstyles are now a thing! Customization for adventurers coming soon.

- Men of various levels and styles found throughout GoG. You may pickpocket these men for the chance at loot. Great for afk thieving.

- Market stalls now buy and sell items from your storage, no longer a bound adventurer

- Mining without camps gives your adventurer a chance to come across an aggressive golem.

- If you are successful in slaying a golem, you may be rewarded with powerful rock artifacts.

- Thread rock artifacts to obtain necklaces with special effects while mining.

- There are two new teleports to Bodiam and Hyrill (southern cities).

- New special areas added.


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Jun 01, 2019

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