Underground Update!

Guilds of Gods - Underground Update is Live!

This is one the largest updates ever, featuring an entire underground layer to the map. Explore the many caves found throughout the Land of the Gods. 

The first boss, the Alpha Wolf, drops unique tier 5 pelts for new range armours, and a unique item for increasing monster agression. 

As well as the first minigame; Obelisk Defence. Player with an unlimited team size to defend the obelisk from ever increasingly difficult waves of enemies. There are 6 unique combat and non-combat loots are available as rewards. The longer your party lasts, the greater the drop rate.

Check out the crab dungeon for an additional drop chance to the shell chest key, which also includes a list of unique loots.

There is also new tiers of cloth, a necklace slot, some miscellaneous bug fixes, multicombat and multi attack style NPCs, updates to NPC targeting in combat, and warnings for some actions.

I kept it brief so that you may explore it for yourself! 

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